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Career Pathways Prepare Students For Success
Posted 5/3/19

Students at Oceanside High School (OHS), put their skills and knowledge to the test planning for and responding to a simulated city wide emergency.

The event focused on a Zombie Apocalypse affecting the City of Oceanside. Students in the Academy of Justice, Health Academy, and Education Academy pathways at OHS participated in the simulated emergency. The event also included 250 sophomores who played the role of Oceanside residents. Some were zombies, some were injured, and some just needed shelter.

Students completely managed the decontamination shelter and ran specific centers focused on their pathways and interests. Some of the areas focused on intake, triage, decontamination and showers, medical and first aid treatment, and shelter. The shelter was setup to simulate an emergency one month in length and the students prepared food, education for children, entertainment, sleeping arrangements, and art therapy for the residents that they served.

The career pathways in Oceanside Unified School District provide students with rigorous academics, technical skills, and hands on experience to prepare for employment in the career fields they are interested in and the students are coached through their college and career choices after they graduate. This real world experience is invaluable to student success and OHS received some great news recently when they learned that two graduates of the Justice Academy have been offered jobs with the Oceanside Police Department.


Watch the Zombie Apocalypse video!